Hazard Bluffs

The bluffs just to the south of the Clure property are fast-eroding “feeder” bluffs. These bluffs don’t just slough off in little pieces: very large chunks of the bank can break off without warning.

A resident tells her story about the unpredictable nature of this area:

“In August 2015 my son and I were walking north from the most southern end of the beach.  I was actually carrying my daughter, who was three at the time, as well.  The tide was fairly low and we were walking a good 15-20 feet from the base of the bluff.  My son was walking behind me looking at rocks.  I heard a crack and before I could look up to see where the sound came from a mature fir tree smashed to the beach landing right behind me and just in front of my son.  The tree splintered into many pieces.  I yelled for my son to run and we took off as fast as we could toward home.   This was just a year after the Oso slide, so my fear was that the entire bank was collapsing.  Fortunately for us it was just the tree that came down and it just missed us.”

See the Beach Map.