Land Bank meeting re Draft Interim Management Plan for Lopez Channel Preserve

From Tim Clark, Lopez Preserve Steward:

The Land Bank will be meeting on Friday, March 16th from 8:30 to 11:00 am, at the Mullis Center, 589 Nash Street in Friday Harbor. The DRAFT interim management plan for Lopez Channel will be considered then at a public hearing during the proposed Amended Acquisition and Expenditure Plan. The link to the page with the interim management plan is . You can find it listed on that page, or it is included on the Amended A&E Plan. In the future, you can check on management plans by going to ‘About’ on the upper tab, then clicking on ‘Commissioners’, which will get you to ‘Agendas’. Interim management plans are not always listed, but this one is. Another way to find the interim plan is under ‘About’, then ‘Financial Information’. Management plans are always approved within a budget, which is why they are found under the finances.

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