Letter from Judy Meyer

Dear Council Members,

At this week’s County Council meeting Mr. Hughes stated that he would check with neighbors of Land Bank preserves to determine if they had problems with trespassing.  We have now done that with some of the neighbors of the Land Bank’s Crescent Beach Preserve on Orcas.  The property owner closest to the private property signage says that people walk right past the sign and that trespassing is a problem.  Others along the beach reported that the beach is full in summer and trespassing occurs, including people with dogs walking beyond the Land Bank property.  This is further evidence of our contention that the Land Bank is unable to prevent trespassing outside the boundaries of its preserves.  Purchase of the Clure property will be an invitation to trespass on the private property of landowners along Meadow Lane, Hemlock Lane, Eagle’s Roost Lane, Channel Road and Perkins Lane.  I do not think that County Council should be enabling trespassing.

Judy Meyer
Lopez Island