Letter from Peter Bailey

I am writing to voice my strong opposition to the purchase of the Clure property by the Land Bank.

The acquisition, which is intended to enable the public to access one of the last remaining “pristine” beaches on Lopez will do nothing short of destroy the beach as has happened around Lopez’ other highly trafficked beaches. The beach is protected and pristine today thanks to the private ownership of the beach and limited access. If preserving the ecology of the beaches on Lopez is a priority for the Land Bank, then this acquisition is in directly conflict with the LB’s mission.

Also, this acquisition has not been pursued in a open and transparent way.  Especially in these times of government mistrust, it is critical that government act transparently, and clearly demonstrate it is serving the interests of the people.  In this case, this transaction was NOT provided sufficient notice nor sufficient hearings both for public debate as well as study of the impact on the shoreline.  For those of you serving in a elected capacity – you are not serving your constituents by allowing this to be “railroaded” through.

Last, while no one ever seems to care about the impact this has on private owners, or property values, this acquisition will significantly reduce value of surrounding properties. Is this fair or just to property owners?

With all this in mind, this is not just a bad idea but to the extent you allow this to proceed after just a few weeks of notice – it’s bad government.  I urge the elected members on this email to demand more time for proper study and debate – notably what will the impact be on the shoreline?  This must be answered fully.

As an aside, the Clures have been trying to to sell their property for 15 years.  There is no urgent need to complete this transaction quickly (the property is not going anywhere), and so there is time for debate and study. NOT doing so can only be seen as a transparent tactic to railroad this deal through with limited public input.

For all these reasons I strongly oppose this acquisition.

Peter Bailey