Decision period extended to January 20th

We just heard from Land Bank Director Lincoln Borman that the feasibility period for the Clure proposal has been extended until January 20th, and that as of now the Board of Commissioners will make a decision at the January 20th meeting.

One thought on “Decision period extended to January 20th

  1. Holly Page Bryant

    During the Jan.20,2017 meeting of the San Juan County Land Bank Commission in Friday Harbor the number of legal issues brought to light by Larry Bailey which create untenable situations for the proposed use of the Clure Properties by the Land Bank, specifically the facts that currently the Clures have no legal access to their property which would allow for large numbers of people to either enter or to congregate there, (see Letter from Larry Bailey re access to the Clure Property dated 1/15/17), had Land Bank Director Lincoln Borman, announcing that the feasibility of the Clure Acquisition has been pushed out one more time to March 6th, 2017 to “allow the Clures to discover some way around the access issues”.

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